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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  August 29, 2016 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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hundreds of passengers run for their lives -- after reports of a shooting. the airport panic and chaos at lax. passengers run for their lives after reports of a shooting. the airport scare that took much of the night to recover from. sitting out citing principle. colin kaepernick refuses to stand during the national anthem. now he explains why. and big money. donald trump is in the bay area looking to collect cash. "today in the bay" starts right now. hello, monday! good morning. thank you for joining us. i'm laura garcia cannon. >> i'm sam brock. mild sounds nice today.
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>> yeah. rob is in for kari. >> it's been that way for san francisco. most of the days below 70 degrees. this afternoon it's going to be below 70 degree degrees. san jose has low 60s and expecting a high of 80. low clouds and drizzle could cause problems for the commute. the trivalley 82 degrees. now a first check of the monday commute. >> we is a little issue in san jose. that's about the only issue, really. there was an earlier crash here. around the altamont we see anything below the speed limit. southbound 880 at 101 at the connecter we had an earlier crash. chp is there. flashing lights. overall, still at speed past that scene and the rest of si
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silicon valley. panic at lax airport last night. cays are erupting after reports of an active shooter. there were several 9-1-1 calls about shots fired. ultimately an investigation found no evidence of a shooting. the situation caused mass panic and wide spread flight delays. you see everyone scrambling for cover. it took a few hours for lax to return to normal. a loud noise triggered the scare, reportedly. but no word on what the loud noise was. kris sanchez will have a live report in about 30 minutes. a man behind bars this morning accused of committing walnut creek's first homicide of the year. a s.w.a.t. team arrested larry griffin of bay point for allegedly shooted and killing a man outside a downtown bar. it happened early saturday morning around crogan's sports
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bar and grill. courtney brown was shot three times in the back. leaving behind a daughter and fiancé. griffin is being held without bail. two young sisters from jenner will be laid to rest. they died last tuesday when the pickup truck crashed into the russian river. the mother was driving and escaped. the burial will take place east of bow day georgia bay. . members of a house subcommittee are expected in the bay area for a status update on the high speed rail system. they will look at the plans for phase one. the rail system. california's high speed rail is tu not to be online for at least a decade due to delays and cost overruns. the rail authority last month got the green light to start the first phase of the system which will stretch between the bay
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area and bakersfield. standing his ground or should we say, sitting his ground. colin kaepernick is refusing to stand during the national anthem and he's continuing to make headlines across the country. >> colin kaepernick opening himself up to media for the first time since his controversial protest on friday. "today in the bay" bob redell joins us live this morning. colin kaepernick took the time with the media to explain why he did this. >> reporter: he did. good morning. not only did colin kaepernick explain his protest, he intends to sit down during future national anthem until this country, in his words, does a better job of treating minorities. this is the image that has so in fans upset. it's a tweeted photo of the 49ers preseason game against green bay packers. you see colin kaepernick sitting while his teammates are standing during the national anthem. it's not the first time he sat
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out the anthem. he protesting the way, in his mind, this country treats people of country. including the police minority. >> i'm going to continue to sit. i'm going to continue to stand with the people. to me, this is something that has to change. when there's significant change, and i feel the flag represents it's supposed to represent what this country, and this country is representing people the way it's supposed to i'll stand. >> i don't think he's a bad teammate to voice his opinion on a strong topic, but we can't allow this to -- >> some fans applauded colin kaepernick on social media. others not so much. here is one man who set his jersey on fire. head coach chip kelley recognized colin kaepernick's right to sit out the national anthem and protest. officially the nfl doesn't
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require players to stand. it's something that the league encourages. the 49ers play again this thursday at san diego. bob redell, "today in the bay." >> thank you very much. on a lighter note san francisco 49ers players traded in their football gear for aprons. >> showing off their culinary skills. we call it good cooking for a good cause. you're looking at video from last night's pasta bowl at levi stadium. it's the 10th anniversary of the fundraisers. they teamed up with the sill vocon valley leadership. last year the 49ers foundation donated $75,000 to three deserving nonprofits as a result. coming up next an airline pilot accused of being drunk shortly before flying an international flight. >> a look at your hour-by-hour forecast around san jose
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unified. the weather could turn interesting. moisture moving from hawaii may increase the risk of thunder showers near the bay area. and we'll watch how the weather affects your commute. here the clouds touching the top of the san francisco buildings. things will change and we'll update. the commute looks good so far. remembering a super star. when we come back a look back at the life of juan gabriel. a mexican singer who died over the weekend. has died.
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welcome back. 4:40 now. one of mexico's biggest super stars juan gabriel died. he was found dead yesterday morning of an apparent haieart attack. gabriel is known for his showmanship and flamboyant style on stage. he fans are leaving flowers on his hollywood walk of fame star. he just performed in los angeles on friday. he was 66 years old. two united airlines pilots are due to appear in a scottish court to face charges of being drunk ahead of a flight to new jersey. >> the pilots were arrested a short time before scheduled take off on saturday. passengers experienced about a
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10 hour delay as a result. according to scotland's harrold, one of the pilots lives in texas. the other one in mississippi. that incident left some passengers shaken but aviation experts they this case the system worked to keep everyone safe. >> if you are uncomfortable with a member of your crew, you don't fly with them. the safe guards that are in place did, in fact, work. >> the herald reports that the pilots are both senior airmen who have worked in the past as flight instructors. united airlines said it removed those pilots from the flying duties and cooperating with authorities. we turn to developing news where a fast-moving wild fire is continuing to burn. this is a so-called willow fire burning between the towns of san andreas about 50 miles northeast of stockton. people were forced to evacuate yesterday but the orders were lifted last night. as for the flames, they broke
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out yesterday afternoon and quickly spread to 400 acres. containment right now for that fire stands at about 15%. it's burning close to the same area where the butte fire destroyed hundreds of homes last year. the soberanes fire continues to burn. strong winds forecasted for the area have fortunes concerned about a flair up. new evacuation warning in place. so here is a look at the danger zone. people who live there should be prepared to leave. the fire has been burning since july 22nd when someone left an illegal campfire burning. one person died and nearly 100,000 acres have burned. the fire is 60% contained. coming up next getting crushed in the race for cash. donald trump is looking to make up ground. he's doing it in the bay area. what few details we know about his fundraising swing through northern california. you're watching "today in the bay." area today .. but few detai
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decision 2016 and gop presidential nominee donald trump is going to be until the bay area today. as far as the details regarding his visit, they're pretty ambiguous. here is what we know at this point. he's going appear on the peninsula for a fund-raiser. there are reports that he'll attend a second one in knanapa. the peninsula event is definitely a closed event. the campaign team is not indicating when trump might arrive. only he spent yesterday preparing for a debate ahead of the november election. as we look at the numbers,
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hillary clinton now has a big lead on the fundraising front. she raised $350 million total for the campaign season to donald trump's $152. >> you're right. the first presidential debate is now just under a month away. hillary clinton's team said she's preparing for anything and everything from trump. that includes studying policy and shortening her answers. she expects to encounter the unpredictable >>well-behaved, modest trump, i doubt we'll see that. probably off the rails trump. >> trump is aparentally taking a different debate strategy. sources tell nbc he's things formally. preferring to practice things over lunch. >> he's not going to prepare the way hillary does. locking her in a room and cramming her head with binders. >> donald trump tweed new plans to present a speech on immigration this week.
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that will take place on wednesday this week. he's expecting a big crowd. overnight chicago police arrested two brothers for the murders of nba stair's dwayne wade's cousin. 26-year-old and his 22-year-old brothers are convicted felons on parole. police say both brothers are known gang members. 32-year-old nikkea aldridge just arrested her children for school. police reports say the brothers were attempting to shoot another person but the bullet struck aldridge. brazil's president is going to address her country's senate today in her impeachment trial. the president is accused of harming her country's economy with budget manipulations. she claims she's being targeted by corrupt lawmakers. her opponents are trying to remove her from office. an interim president has been
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running the country for several months. 11 years ago today, hurricane katrina rolled through the city of new orleans. the category 3 storm overwhelmed the city's drainage canal. more than 1800 people died. tens of thousands had to be rescued. the storm damaged or destroyed 70% of the city's homes. hard to believe. >> it doesn't feel like it's been that long. rob is tracking inclement weather that could affect us in the bay area. a hurricane developing. >> yeah hurricane madeline far away from the bay area but the moisture moving away from the storm could bring a slight chance of seeing isolated thunder. in the case of the north bay a slight chance of lightning associated with the weather system that could be coming in tomorrow. here is the latest on hurricane madeline. you see by wednesday could cross the big island in hawaii at winds of 80 miles per hour. could cause flooding and gusty winds could be an issue. look at the upper level moisture streaming toward northern california. that could combine with the
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upper level system offshore. it is swinging our way in the next 24 hours and bring in a slight chance of elevated showers. increased fire danger if we get the lightning without significant range. we'll be watching it. 58 now in san francisco. similar temperature around livermore at 58 currently. san jose with hazy skies to start. 61 now. as we go by hour by hour. temperatures today will be climbing in the low 80s in los gat gatos. we have a lot of low clouds in the morning. notice the time stamp through 11:00 around caster valley. you still have some low clouds to deal with. and hazy skies. as you transition for a monday afternoon into early tuesday, the north bay here north of santa rosa the best chance of having isolated thunder for your tuesday forecast. today we're looking at highs close to 80 in san jose. mid 60s near san francisco. north bay temperatures in the 70 and tri-valley not too bad with
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the highs in the mid 80s. seven-day forecast looking at san francisco. windy tomorrow as the upper level system comes through. you notice the seven-day forecast across our valley. staying comfortable. temperatures climbing slightly approaching thursday. another check of the monday commute here is mike. >> that's right. good morning. we're looking at the speed sensors around the bay. easy flow of traffic now. zoom in here off dunbar. southbound 880 at dakota. reports of an earlier crash. all the activity moved to the should reca shoulder. should be cleared completely here in a few minutes. san mateo bridge we'll give you the live look. you see how light the traffic flow is. and eastbound sometimes we see lanes closed this morning i don't see anything for the high-rise. the bay bridge. we showed you the low clouds beyond san francisco's lights. over here getting into san francisco easy drive. back to you. >> thank you. too much buzzing on the roads, in the air, and business there's new rules for drones
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going into effect today. plus, one tech giant is making it easier to report hate speech. >> for more on that let's turn to london dowdy. hope you had a good weekend! >> sam and laura, i did. hope you did. wall street may be on interest rate watch this week after janet yellen hinted on friday the central bank may be ready to start hiking rates. she didn't say when. futures flat this morning. and the fed's next move which could come as soon as september may depend on the strength of the economy and we'll get the latest snapshot on the health of the job market later this week. on friday the dow falling 43 points to 18395. the nasdaq edging up 6. the faa's new rules for commercial drones go into effect today. operators will have to take a test. drones must be under 55 pounds, must remain in the sight of the
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operator. there is also limit some services including package deliveries which amazon has been seeking. microsoft is making it easier to report hate speech. you can report offensive content open xbox live, one drive, outlook, and skype. the site's is one that microsoft created but this focuses on content that promotes hatred based on age, disability, gender, origin, race, or sexual orientation. microsoft could delete legitimate posts that aren't hurtful. it submitted a site you can reinstate content. >> thank you very much. >> good to see you. coming up it's not exactly a mission to mars. it might have felt that way for a half dozen people. travel to what many consider paradise to simulate life on the red plan et. first happening now as the san jose police department suffers through staffing
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shorta shortages, it's calling out to officers to report for work this holiday weekend and sacrifice their time. as labor day approaches, go to to find weekend event listings for the entire area. we'll be back in two minutes. central italy... following last
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week's earthquake that killed nearly 300 people. they started tearing down damaged buildings that kill defenda -- in the earthquake. mark zuckerberg is heading
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to rome for a special q & a with the italian facebook community. he posted this photo on facebook. he's currently in italy for a friends's wedding and announced he'll be in rome for a town hall meeting. zuckerberg wants to spend time with the italian community after the devastating earthquake. the town of endswell, new york making headlines. thanks to a group of boys about 12 years old. >> there it is! they did it. >> it doesn't get better than the little league world series. they won the whole she bang, so to speak, with a dramatic 2-1 win over south korea yesterday in the little league world series. 22,000 fans witnessed the first championship team from new york since 1964. endwell, by the way is about 40 miles due south of syracuse. >> and the jerseys the moms
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don't mind cleaning. imagine a spending a year in a tiny dome without fresh food, air, privacy -- >> that's what we do in the studio every day. >> hey. imagine volunteering to do that. >> i love being here. this is a big brother here. it's nasa science project there were six people including four americans spent the last year living in a mars simulation bio dome. that run finally ends today. the group has been living on the rugged slope of the volcano. it's the longest ever nasa mission conducted to understand how life on mars might affect astronauts. >> hopefully that get to explore the rest of hawaii. new week new forecast. let's check in with rob with a preview what to expect when it comes to the weather this week. >> we're seeing san francisco as we have low clouds to start. temperatures in the mid 60s. but in the next 24 hours, slight risk of thunder in the forecast. a look at that coming up. and low clouds might be an
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issue for your commute. your commute is not an issue for drivers now. a camera shot. we'll talk about the crash in fremont coming up. plus, reports of a shooting sends panic around lax yesterday. except there was no shooting. so what happened? today in the bay kris sanchez is following the developing story. she's going to join us with a live report next. hundreds of passengers run for
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their lives -- after reports of panic and chaos at lax.
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hundreds of passengers run for their lives after reports of a shooting. it turned out to be nothing but it took the airport much of the night to recover. plus sitting out. 49ers colin kaepernick opening up about not standing up for the national anthem during a game. why he says he's going continue this form of protest. and big money. donald trump is in the bay area looking to collect cash for his fight to the white house. "today in the bay" starts now. monday morning. hello to you! and thank you so much for joining us. i'm laura garcia cannon. >> i'm sam brock. we're keeping it cool to start off the workweek. rob is in for kari. >> a lot of low clouds. over the weekend we had breezy conditions, low clouds. to start this morning, you may find a little bit of drizzle. around san francisco 58 degrees. 65 in san jose. and the afternoon temperatures low to mid 80s inland. in addition to the low clouds,


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